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Marina Granica

Marina Granica works in Barcelona and creates unique and unusual textile handmade jewelry inspired by nature, old crafts and ancient cultures’ spirit. Air, earth water, fire and metal play an essential role in her designs. Nature’s five elements are always trying to find the right balance. Either using the spider strategy or the patience of a weaver, yarns hug each other and talk to one another creating endless combinations. She choose the yarns according to their sensuality, proximity, feeling on the skin and also their textures and colors to call other senses.
The textile ornaments of ancient cultures with their diversity of forms and techniques have always been inspired by the work – not only to make the thread, to weave, to sew and to embroider to dress but also for to be used at rites and celebrations.

Japanese matte silk  jewelry

Shimmering necklaces and bracelets made from Japanese matte silk. Silk is wrapped in silk, made with a traditional cord making method. Each peace of jewelry is one of a kind and hand-sewn. This creations are very soft and so lightweight!

marina 2marina3


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Unai Cariñena

After studying Fine Arts in Bilbao and spent a year in Greece, he established in Barcelona in 2005 where he has formed as a ceramist artist at Llotja art school . He currently works in ceramics, decorative  utilitarian objects and jewelry,  in interaction with other materials and techniques such as crochet, metal or leather.

Bean collection

The concept for this unique jewelry, is based on the idea of bean, the seed as device of life, that originates the process between measured and unpredictability, repetition and change, as potential latency. Its shape is interesting for its subtlety, between the symmetrical and geometric but organic and soft, referring to a living being. Hand made process of creations with care of every detail.

anilo y broche anilllos ceramica Unai-Foto


Crochet collection

Textile jewelry woven from hemp, cotton or linen. Pieces with organic shapes and spontaneous aspect, which combine the character of the raw materials with color and evidence of tissue structure in constructions of continuity.

ganchillo-cañamo dorados

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Lalula is a studio of designers and artists who love handmade silkscreen, handmade work in small, limited editions, with character and unique quality. Fabrics, wood, plastic, glass, leather, silk and paper is where they live comfortably, number of records and different sizes. Their challenge is constant, their inspirations-endless!

Cotton and silk scarves
First collection of scarves designed by Gráinne Nagle, (aka CCS) and implemented jointly with Sergio Rocha in their workshop. A huge effort and incredible design work, blending modernity and taste. Dimensions: 95cm x 95cm

Fleece picnic blanket

080A 080B 080C

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Garlic Print

Chilhood memories and travel plans, get the hands dirty, but not figuratively, forget the precision and wait for the unexpected….

Hand printed designs on cotton and silk made by Garlic Print (french-hand-made-in-italy!)

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