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Jean-Briac Ravello

He was born in southern France and twenty years old learned to work the stone in a french centuries-old association called L’association des compagnons du devoir ouvrière, where cultivated the art of building in stone.

“My learning was developed over a 6-year journey that led me to work several types of stone in different regions of France. My aim has always been beyond my knowledge, which led me to collaborate in the construction of La Sagrada Familia. ”

Nowadays he uses for his creations divers stones like marble, granite, sandstone, slate, stone mountain or river boulders. The choice of material varies according to different criteria: the color of the stone, its natural  form and sometimes, its geological composition. Everything depends of the desire of the artist, for example, a more homogeneous stone allows thinner pieces.


la foto 2

la foto 5


Jean Briac Ravelo 03b


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