Xavier Mañosa is a contemporary ceramist that lives and works in Barcelona. He mounted Apparatu just six years ago and in such a short space of time has managed to become one of the most interesting poterry ceramists of our day.


A limited edition of trhee hundred ceramic vases, hand turned by a master artisan with many years of experience: Joan Mañosa. One condition was imposed on Mr. Mañosa when he turned each vase: The process needed to be wrong. Accidents were welcome.

1 Mould = x vases

A plaster mould is created from a hand turned vase. The life of a common plaster mould allows for use of up to 70 times. This project is based on the reproduction of a mould until it is worn out. The vase would be replicated as many times as the mould would allow.
The extraction of the vase from the mould would be done without any sort of retouching, making the mould’s wear visible in the final result.
Each vase is numbered as soon as it comes out of the mould and is then fired and glazed, being these the only two interventions on each piece.

Extrusion bowls

 This is one of the pieces which resulted from the workshop “Fragil” held by Apparatu in summer 2010. Guim Espelt i Estopà one of the participants, designed the pieces after discovering an apparently impossible texture. The process began with the deformation of a hollow cylinder of extrusioned clay, after which we focussed on the cracks that were generated.

By trial and error we hit on the formula in the wheel: for the creation of a bowl, the only way to conserve the cracks is to place the cylinder in the wheel and push from the centre towards the periphery. By expanding the grey mass while spinning, unique and random textures appear on the surface leaving the coloured interior as the only controlled element.

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