Zaven´s studio was founded in 2006 by Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno, with headquarters in an ex-industrial space in Marghera, Venice, Italy.
Zaven carries out research into the crossover between communication, design and art, creating projects at an international level for graphics, product and exhibition.
The studio’s energy lies in its creating partnerships and developing ideas in different fields, looking for the differential that is important for every single project in the diversity of experiences.

In january 2011, the studio received the Macef Design Award.

Zaven studio


Unbroken is a design collection made up of a series of vases, lamps and other objects produced using 3M Scotchcast™ Plus technology – fiberglass material used in orthopaedics as an alternative to traditional plaster. The project starts with pre-existing forms and provides a new version and vision of them. It blends, unites and covers available objects, which are then removed, leaving the visible traces. Unbroken is a metaphor for the invisible man, a man without content and an object without structure is a light exoskeleton, a positive mould.



Pila is a collection of vases inspired by so-called daily chaos – a pile of books or magazines on the table or a stack of dishes left after a dinner with friends.


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