Through her one of a kind pieces, Lusesita – ceramist from Barcelona – allows us a peek into her world full of enchanting creatures and characters. Somewhere between Alice in wonderland and Tim Burton, each of her marvelous ceramic creations seems lo have a life of their own.

Objetos de Compañia
Fragments of Lusesita enchanted dream world, full of unique and magical creatures, arrive to us through her “Objetos de Compañia” . Unicorns, dinosaurs and other charming creatures are the leading characters behind this series of one off pieces made in glazed ceramics, carefully one by one. The result are playful character-object-sculptures with a naive soul, that tell us stories full of illusion and fantasy.
Familia de objetos de compania

Familia de lampras

Porcelain lamps in different shapes and sizes.


Porcelain bowls, cups and jars in various colours.

La Vajilla de las Maravillas

The wonder set. An invitation to an extraordinary tea party.



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